Breathe in, exhale out – connect to the natural rhythm beneath your feet, take stock, re-center and find your voice again.
Meandering routes through naturalised planting enhance the jetty’s subtle appeal and bring this London landmark and its history to life. A playful pattern of benches and planters creates a framework that celebrates the views and activities of the jetty, a place to slow down and reflect.
Planting and wayfinding, seating and lighting, are woven together to set the stage for a joyful narrative-driven  environment of hand-painted quotes and stories from the jetty’s past.
Trees frame entrances, their open structure offering views through and beneath, while low hammocks and spikes of evergreen anchor the billowing ephemeral planting. Seasonality is key: from the freshness of new growth in spring, to summer airiness with a lightness of touch, fading into dusky autumn softness before structuring winter with evergreens and seed heads.
A modular system of creatively up-cycled components reflects an assembly of unloaded goods across the jetty. Timber pallets are repurposed to form the vertical structure connecting modular pressed-steel brackets. Together these can be configured in different radiuses, heights and orientations to create planters, decks, benches and bike stands. The strategy is high quality, situated, dynamic, environmentally considered and cost effective.
A smudgy tonal palette has zesty highlights, creating a serene, reflective atmosphere of shadows and silhouettes. This biodiverse backdrop softens the boundaries between river and city, celebrating what came before and what lies beneath.
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