Concept sketches
An actual sketch
The team at Gourmandizing threw lots of energy, enthusiasm, intelligence, research, time and dedication at the process in the pre- commissioning stage.
After commissioning, and with a precise budget in mind, these many preliminary sketches were refined and finessed into a compelling, informative, head-turning work which has had a transformative effect on the area.
It is all the more amazing considering how difficult it is to make such a large piece of work bed into a site that is both residential and commercial, achieved through careful consideration of shape, colour palate, text and visual puns.

On 1 October 2016, it was dedicated to the local community by the
Lewisham Mayor, Sir Steve Bullock.

George Drogan
Business Strategist and PR Consultant Babur
The mural

Matthew McGuinness and Jason Page with Clara Bacou, Sean Thomas
and Chris Mackenzie Grey (Toucan Signs).

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