Matthew McGuinness | Designer | Artist

C’est Fin

Gourmandizing Neon with The Governor’s School for the Arts: Investigating Norfolk’s Historic Lunchtime Menus

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I’m a multidisciplinary designer working on both the strategic and organisational sides of brand. 
My professional experience spans visual storytelling, boundary-blurring, future-gazing, zeitgeist bending, brand-building & bike building, cheffing, Teamsters truck driving, bio-fuel making, grant writing, parenting, silkscreening with and for both Robert Rauschenberg and Andy Warhol’s master printers (respectively), skateboarding often, teaching University graphic design, typography, sculpture and public art, as well as being a sought-after and internationally collected artist and exhibited at Tate Britain to close.

Brief History

Founding member of New York's award-winning studio The Visual Mafia

Ex-resident at Fabrica

Founder, design come art collective The 62, which employed design thinking to address immediate social and educational inadequacies. Exhibited Art Basel, Bronx Museum, Exit Art and Scope, to name a few

Professor, School of Visual Arts

Founder, new genre public art project Gourmandizing London, creating empathetic, viscerally dynamic cultural signage and community-centric wayfinding. Exhibited Tate Britain, Lectured Tate Modern and the Apple Store on Regent Street 

Visual strategy director of innovation at Instinctif Partners, stewarding brands into the future, transcending digital and physical communication barriers